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Registered nurses provide comprehensive and skilled assessment to determine healthcare needs and services required for a safe home care plan.

Through working closely with clients, physicians, family members, community agencies and insurance companies, we are able to improve your quality of life at home, while at the same time promoting independence and respecting privacy by offering a wide array of care to all the people we serve.

Some of the services provided by our competent registered nurses include but not limited to:

  • Teaching basic tasks of care to family members
  • Assessing the client’s condition
  • Developing and implementing a unique care plan
  • Administering complex treatment and medications
  • Working with your pharmacy on any medication changes
  • Updating your primary physician about any health changes/progress
  • Directing other members of the home care team (e.g., licensed practical nurses, home health aides, personal care assistants and homemakers)
  • Monitoring clients’ body functions and health status, including checking vital signs (e.g., temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration)
  • Cleaning, observing and redressing wounds.
  • Performing injections and other hands-on treatments.
  • Checking and helping with catheters and feeding tubes.
  • Providing nail, foot and skin care.

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