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Care Partners Homecare LLC has been in business since May 2016, intending to become a partner in care with our client and their family. Our dedication to service has enabled us to form meaningful connections with families, healthcare resources, and other organizations, strengthening our brand as an agency that prioritizes partnership over transactional operations.

What we do Services we offer

We include compassion when providing the following home care and assisted living services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

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Assisted Living/ Customized Living

Facilitating living placements that suit your health needs

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Home Care Nursing (HCN)

Full range of basic and complex medical support, just for you

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Personal Care Assistant (PCA

Focused on giving compassionate assistance with daily tasks

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Home Care Business Consultation

Extensive expert advice for home care business functions

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Mission Statement

We are committed to providing care to all people, irrespective of their background, color, creed, sex, or national origin in a compassionate way that is grounded on partnership to support the individual at all levels of their existence.

About Us

Vision Statement

We provide culturally sensitive care based on excellence and innovation through different programming, all of which support the lives of our clients and their families whenever they seek to add more value and meaning to their lives.

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Our Values


We engage our clients and their families with empathy, sensitivity, and manners by paying keen attention to their needs. Our value is cultivated on kindness and warmth towards the clients and their families because we believe their health victory is ours, too.


We provide meaningful care by working with our clients as partners in care while ensuring their safety. We allow our clients and their families to lead their care safely while promoting their level of independence.


We treat all clients and their families with respect, dignity, and reverence without regard to age, sex, gender, race, creed, or economic status. We honor and support the values of our clients and families, regardless of what health stage they may be currently in.

Care Partners

Homecare LLC Employees

Our staff is a vital part of our organization’s reputation and respect. We value their opinions because they are an integral part of the excellent work we provide to our clients.

We ensure all of our staff receives the best services, including flexible scheduling and self-scheduling options. We also provide one-on-one training and growth opportunities within our care community.

Most importantly, we assure that our staff is guided by a high level of professionalism to attain a high level of competency.

Selecting Our Employees

We carefully screen and train our employees to provide excellent and quality services, and intend to exceed the requirements of our clients and the requirements set by our partners and regulatory agencies.

We provide ongoing supervision and training to keep our employees up to date in their areas of expertise. Thorough interviewing, reference checks, license verification, competency testing, and conducting background checks on all staff are routine practices of Care Partners Homecare LLC.

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